December 2nd: Act Grateful

Yesterday you were able to think about blessings you have received and about how you were able to bless other people’s lives. You made two lists about gratitude and about blessings. Today we will put those lists into actions. In the 5 Levels of Consciousness, we learn that we only have 100% control of our actions. So, while thinking about gratitude and blessings is a great tool and exercise, it is our actions that will show our gratitude for our blessings.

Today, use your lists that you created yesterday to create an artwork that demonstrates how you feel about your blessings. If you did not do yesterday’s task you can do it now,  That can be done in any medium you choose. Write it into a poem or song lyric, draw or paint it into a picture, make a blog or vlog post, create a skit, make a song list representing your blessings. Really! You can use any medium to complete this assignment. Make it fun and when you have completed the art share it with your friends and family, especially share with those you have identified as having blessed your life.