December 14th: Ponder on Who Could Use Special Blessings

Take some time to think about the people you know personally. First consider your family. Who in your family are currently struggling? What are the struggles they face? What friends do you know who have particular needs? What are those needs? Who in your community is in need right now? What community groups could use blessings from heaven? What about your state, country or people around the world. After you’ve identified people from each of these groups, make a list on paper or in a notebook. Is there anything you can do to help any of these people, beginning with your family and working through the list identify those you can help and how you can help them. Remember that you won’t be able to do everything for everybody and certainly won’t be able to do everything you’ve identified today. This list is a reminder that there is plenty of service to do and that you can be a part of the service for those you’ve identified throughout your life.

Ponder Jesus Christ as Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. Your service, like his has no beginning and no ending. He didn’t heal every infirm person, every blind, lame, deaf person. He healed many but he continues to bless people even now.