December 3rd: Christmas Theme Personality

Many people enjoy taking personality quizzes. We often like to know about ourselves and to learn what our own personality is and how we compare with other people. These quizzes, while not clinical in nature, can bring joy into our lives and can give us some good ideas about ourselves, our family and our friends. We have put together one of these quizzes that will help you to better understand your Christmas personality. We call it the “Christmas Theme Song” quiz.

For today’s task, find the “Christmas Theme Song” quiz under the Events tab at and complete the quiz. Read over your Christmas personality and discover what makes Christmas meaningful for you. Also, you will find some advice for things to do this Christmas season as well as things to avoid. After you have received your Christmas theme song from the quiz share it with your friends and family and find out from them what their Christmas theme song is.

If you feel inclined, you can also choose your own Christmas theme song. The song that you think best describes how you feel about Christmas. Then share it with your friends and family and share with them the reasons this song fits your feelings about Christmas and the Christmas season.