December 4th: Personal Meditation

Take a few minutes (15 to 30) to ponder the meaning of Christmas for you. You might want to wait until everybody in your household is in bed, turn on the Christmas tree lights, sit near the lights or lay beneath the tree looking up at the lights while you meditate. Remember that Christmas doesn’t have the same exact meaning for any two persons. If you have taken the Christmas theme song quiz (Events tab) you can use your theme song and Christmas personality to aid you in your meditation. It is important that you find a quiet space and ideally you will create dim lighting and maybe a scent in the room while you meditate. Christmas tree lights are great for lighting, but other options can be just as good. If you have a live tree the scent of the tree may be sufficient to create the atmosphere you want if not try a scented candle or other way of getting a Christmas smell around, you.