December is here and the Christmas season is upon us. For many of us this is a time for joy and rejoicing as we ponder the meaning of Christmas and as we visit with friends and family. For others this can be a challenging time where bad memories are brought back to the forefront of their minds or when loneliness is heightened due to the lack of friends or family support. Others may be overwhelmed with the demands of the season. Whether Christmas is a time of joy or a time of sorrow there are things that you can do to improve your own mental health for the season. Each day this season, beginning today and ending on Christmas day, we will give you a suggestion of something you can do to improve or maintain your own mental health.

December 1st: Think Gratitude

Think about your life and the blessings you have received over this past year. Consider various parts of your life. You should think about your family. How have you been blessed through your family and how have you blessed your family members lives? Consider your friends and how they may have blessed you or how they may have been blessed themselves this year. Consider your community. What has happened in your community this year? How have you been blessed by your community and who else has been blessed by your community? How have you been able to bless your community? What about your work? How have you been blessed at work and who have you been able to bless? Consider other areas of life. How have you been blessed and who have you blessed in this past year?

After taking some time to ponder the above questions, make two lists. One list should be a list of how you have been blessed in your own life in the different areas mentioned above. The other list should be how you have been able to bless the lives of others in your life in the different domains discussed.