Personal Sponsorships

Standard Goal

$20,000 in monthly pledges

When we raise $20,000 per month in subscriptions, we will reduce the cost of our healing retreats for victims and couples by 90% (from $5,000 to $500). We will create a sliding scale for clients for counseling and coaching services and provide clients access to our membership website for classes and assessments.

At this level, each sponsor will have access to our sponsorship website. This website will include classes in several domains to aid in self-awareness and making self-directed positive change, all taught by Seth and our coaches. It will include diagrams of the tools and access to assessments. Sponsors will have access to the full archive of our blogs, vlogs, podcasts, newsletters and more.

First Stretch Goal

$50,000 in monthly pledges

When we raise $50,000 per month, we will be able to provide a scholarship fund to help people who cannot afford the $500 reduced rate for retreats and give 6 months of aftercare for those participating in retreats.

We will integrate therapy and coaching professional specifications into the website.

This level will allow therapists and coaches to coordinate with their clients to see how they are performing in our classes and trainings and will allow them to view assessment results and recommendations, with client approval.

Second Stretch Goal

$500,000 in monthly pledges

When we raise $500,000 per month, we will increase the number of retreats we run.

We will include games into the website designed to help clients¬†practice the tools they’re learning. Through these online games they will be able to hone their skills, making them feel natural.

Atwater Healing tools will be converted into apps, allowing clients and sponsors to have easier access to use.

We will purchase a facility where we will create a full time retreat center designed with specifications for our work and to create a comfortable but exciting site for recovery and healing.

Personal Sponsorship Perks

Become a sponsor


$20 per month

  • Access to class recordings, present classes and past classes.
  • Life Changing & Healing Tools*
  • Atwater Healing Blog
  • Newsletter*


$100 per month

  • Basic Package
  • Access to Atwater Healing Clinical Assessments**
  • Ability to Share or View Client Assessments & Progress in recorded courses**
  • Atwater Healing Advice Vlog


$200 per month

  • Basic Package
  • Special Invitations for Behind the Scenes with Atwater Healing Coaches at Workshops & Webinars
  • Monthly member Seminar and Webinar with Seth Atwater (our founder)

*These benefits will become available after we meet our basic goal of $20,000 in monthly donations.

** These benefits will become available after we meet our first stretch goal of $50,000 in monthly donations.