How can we help you succeed in life, business and your relationships?

Atwater Healing Services

We offer help in many different ways and in any location where internet is accessible. The method of help that we’ve used the most and for the longest time is through individual, couple and group support. We are also kicking off a series of classes teaching anger management, building healthy relationships, parenting and many other topics. 

Healing & Support for Individuals

We work with any individual who is in need of help. We specialize in helping men and women who suffer from stress, anxiety, are stuck or want to make self-directed positive changes in their lives. Our community support specialists are all trained to work with you from our own, unique, support model: External Experiential Processing (EEP). Our support specialists will use novels, music, movies, television, games and other experiential media formats to help you identify your weaknesses and the solutions to heal or make your desired changes.  

We have been helping couples for nearly 2 decades. Our support staff use unique tools to become more aware of your marriage situation and then our action tools to improve your marriage. They follow the EEP model developed by our founder Seth Atwater. We specialize in helping couples in crisis and communications within a marriage. We also work with couples wanting to improve and enhance their relationship, pre marriage coaching, and parenting. Using literature, movies, music and other media formats our community support specialists will aid you in recovering, enhancing or preparing for your marriage. 

Healing & Support for Couples & Families

Group Healing & Support

Our community support specialists facilitate group sessions allowing members to share, learn, set and achieve goals with other members who are struggling in their lives. Our groups are a safe place for members to share vulnerable aspects of their lives that they may not be able to talk through in any other setting. We have a number of groups: Health and Wellness, Women’s Support Groups and Overcoming Pornography and Masturbation. 

Our community support staff are trained in the tools that will help your organization identify and implement desired changes. We teach tools that improve communication within your organization, improve organizational structure, help to establish appropriate boundaries, and improve morale through appropriate change management.

Executive & Business Support

In our executive and business community support we focus on communication, structure and boundaries using the Umbra-Gram and Change Management. As with all aspects of our community support we will use literature, music, movies and other media to aid in our work of helping to improve businesses and business models. 

Anger Management

We are now offering an Anger Managment class. The class is a 52 week course that will help you to understand anger, why we feel anger and how we respond to our feelings of anger, fear, frustration, irritation etc. We will teach you new strategies and methods to reduce these feelings in your life and how you can respond differntly to feelings you do experience leading to a calmer and more peaceful life and relationships. 


Building Healthy Relationships

We are now offering a class in Building Healthy Relationships. This is a 24 week course that covers a variety of different relationships in your life, such as marriage, parent-child, work colleague, friendships etc. We will discuss communication, boundaries, influence, equality, and other topics. We will teach you about the Spheres of Influence and the Bird-O-Gram (ideal family structure) and how to use these tools in the aforementioned relationships.