David Lasiter, BS ABM
CFO / Fall Guy

        I have spent the majority of my work life in a few different technical fields. I have always enjoyed working with electronics, but when I went back to school in 2019 I found that I had a passion for finance and business. I have my Bachelor’s in Applied Business Management with a focus on Accounting. It has been a wonderful experience finding something new that I enjoy doing as my profession.

        My wife and I were married in the Spring of 2008 about a year after I returned from serving a 2 year mission in Poland. We have moved all across the central and eastern United States with previous work. We enjoy travel and moving, but, as our family size grows and our kids get older, it became burdensome to keep such a lifestyle. 

        My hobbies include personal programming projects, showing off different skills and talents that I’ve acquired over the years to my kids, gardening, reading, playing video games.

Seth Atwater, MAMFT
Owner / Founder / CEO

Seth received his master’s degree from Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Mo. This institution had a unique training program focused on getting students deep in the trenches of therapy as quickly as possible, graduating them with far more practical and hands-on knowledge than a traditional psychology graduate degree. Seth began studying clinical psychology, but near the end of his schooling switched to marriage and family therapy when it became obvious that the clinical psychology path would lead him to assessment and diagnosis rather than actual in depth client interaction. Because of this, he has completed all the course work for a clinical doctorate degree, even though his degree is master’s of marriage and family therapy. 


While at Forest Institute, Seth began developing his own therapeutic model, External Experiential Processing (EEP), along with corresponding awareness and action tools that make up a complete developmental model which is the foundation of all his work. These models and associated tools have had a profound impact on all the populations he has worked with.


After graduate school, Seth did provisional work in a wide variety of settings all across the United States.  With White River Behavioral Center on the White River Apache Reservation in Arizona Seth worked with clients dealing with addictions, gang related violence, domestic violence, marriage and healthy relationships, and suicide evaluations. In White River, Seth worked closely with the jail on the Reservation. With Providence in Maine, Seth participated in an innovative in-home intensive intervention program designed to help families in danger of losing their children to state custody. With Ozark Center in Joplin, Missouri, Seth developed and carried out addiction recovery and anger management programs. With Synergy Youth Home, Seth worked with juvenile delinquents in a group home setting. With Family Institute of Northern Utah, Seth helped sex offenders who were on probation to reintegrate into society. At CAPSA domestic violence center in Logan, Utah, Seth helped victims of sexual, emotional, and physical trauma. Because of these varied experiences, Seth had the opportunity to work with extremely diverse populations. 


All the therapists and life coaches at Atwater Healing will be trained personally by Seth Atwater in the EEP method and will be working in collaboration with him.


        I have been happily married to my wife Jessica for over 20 years. We have 8 children ages 8 to 22, a son-in-law and one grand child. I am an avid basketball player (played through high school on a team but now I just enjoy playing pick up games mostly with members of my church). I love outdoors activities, especially hiking. I moslty enjoy visiting with people, getting to know them and serving in the Monett Missouri community. 

        I have served for ten years in the military 6 of which I served as an Arabic translator during the War on Terror. I served a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, in Nicaragua Central America. I loved my service for my country and for my God and hope to continue serving God and my country and community through the work we are doing at Atwater Healing. 

Seth Atwater JR.
WEBSITE/production manager

        My name is also Seth Atwater, and as you can probably tell I am Seth’s eldest son. I am currently living at home, so we often drive to work together. I handle most of the IT stuff at work since it isn’t really my dad’s strong suit.I am really proud of the work he is doing, and I’m happy to be a part of it!

        Before I started working for my dad I served a 6 month service mission in our area, and then worked for several years as a caretaker for the physically and mentally disabled. Through these opportunities I met many great people and developed an even stronger respect and love for the local community that I grew up in, and for the awesome people who I served.

        When I’m not at the office (and sometimes when I am) I can usually be found writing. I’m an aspiring fantasy author and I have my own website that I publish some of my stories on. My other hobbies include reading, running, meditation, and reading manga/watching anime.

Coaching Staff

Anne Bryan
Community Support Specialist

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Robyn Chrysler, M.S.C.A.P
Community Support Specialist

        Hi, I’m Robyn coach and mentor for individuals, children, families and business professionals.  I believe with my whole heart helping others is my calling in life. I like to help figure out the hard stuff, the stuff that looks fairly straightforward on the outside, but actually feels like tug of war on the inside.  These things can be from fears, trust issues, feeling stuck in life or feelings of depression to just assisting with communication and relationship issues.  If you’re just wanting some guidance and direction, at the very least just to feel better about what’s happening, or understand why it’s happening, let’s talk!

        The idea is to help get you moving forward and create positive relations along with positive thought processes, my goal is to make your journey easier, yet hold you accountable to how you can be in control of where you go next.  Atwater Healing’s purpose, to help you identify the changes you want to make and to give you the knowledge and tools to understand yourself and the change you are making aligns perfectly with my passion to help you succeed.  Together we will give you the action tools that enable you to make those changes and to help you create these changes in the most economical, efficient and lasting way possible. 

        As a parent are you noticing a shift in your child’s behavior, are they having a tough time at school or navigating life? We want our children to feel secure, loved, confident and safe- from all things, bullying, social media, societal standards, and life’s unfortunate circumstances. Unfortunately, the truth is events, people, and things affect our children in ways that matter to us but often getting them to open up and divulge any information to help them is challenging to say the least.  Sometimes even the most confident of children and teens still cannot find the words to express themselves. These feelings, emotions, and traumas live deep within our children and they want to release them but doing so can be difficult.  This is where I come in and work with your child as a mentor and coach and help them through this process at eye level.  We do this without the need to earn approval of others which gives them the ability to share and open up to someone who is working with them at their level. Your child will have the floor time to talk about their dreams, aspirations, fears and yes even those unfortunate events hiding inside.  These sessions adhere to a clear understanding that diagnosis is not the goal, the only issue is their well-being and with the pressure off and full parental love and support behind them, your child can release, let go, and soar! 

        Personal Bio: I hold a Masters of Science in Child Psychology and Adolescent Development along with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Marketing. I am a parent to 3 wonderful adult children, currently have 3 beautiful grandbabies and have between 4-7 foster children at any given time. I owned a state licensed large preschool for 5 years, sat on the NAPSACC children’s board, and have been coaching a range of children’s sports since 2001, which allowed me to put my passion for children and families to great use mentoring and coaching them through life. 

        In my spare time I rescue and rehabilitate animals with my children and we love spending time on any type of water. 

Sara Lasiter, BS MFC
Community Suppoert specialist

        My name is Sara Lasiter. I received my bachelor’s degree from BYU Idaho in Marriage and Family Counseling in 2021. I went back to school just before I had my fifth child, and I decided to pursue this degree because I wanted to learn how to improve my own family relations. As I studied, I realized that I love teaching and I wanted to help others learn the things that were blessing my family. I came to work with Seth for my internship in 2021, and as I learned the Awareness Tools, I saw how much they were helping me understand the things my classes were trying to teach me. I want to help others understand how being aware and intentional can help them make big changes in their lives. I have loved working in both a group setting, as well as with clients one-on-one.

        My husband and I have six children, and my desire to be a better wife and mother has motivated me to continue my education. It has been very fulfilling to be able to see the improvements that have come to my own family through my work with Seth. We love spending time together as a family, especially going camping, playing video games, and playing board games together. Our whole family loves to read and working with Seth has helped me see how literature can be used to teach people how to overcome the trials they experience. I’m excited to continue working for Atwater Healing because of the opportunities I will have to serve and teach others.