“Reading is a conversation. All books talk. But a good book listens as well.”

– Mark Haddon

A Word from Our Founder

Seth Atwater: I worked for over a decade with different organizations and agencies as a therapist and counselor. One thing that I found is that God is increasingly being pushed out of the field and out of our care for those who are suffering. My personal experience is that suffering is primarily relieved through turning to Jesus Christ and that no manmade model can supplant or even come close to the healing power of turning to Jesus Christ for solace, comfort, healing or peace in our lives. Because of this I left my therapy licensing board and began working as a Life Coach where I was more at liberty to turn my clients toward the Savior without the pushback from licensing boards and colleagues who thought it unethical to include my own spiritual background while working with clients. Through my study and practice of psychology in conjunction with my study and practice of my faith I have developed a new model to aid my clients and now to aid all those who are seeking true peace. I call this model External Experiential Processing or EEP.

What is External Experiential Processing (EEP)?

EEP combines elements of Narrative therapy with Experiential therapy, Cognitive/Behavioral therapy, Emotion Focused therapy, Solution Focused therapy, Dialectical Behavioral therapy, and Analytical Therapy in a new, synergistic way. By learning to access our consciousness at five different depth levels, we learn why we do what we do, think what we think, feel what we feel, and how to change at every level. This is accomplished through an external experience, which helps us learn to identify and modify our own consciousness by first practicing externally through a character and story in an emotionally protected environment. Using high quality literature to facilitate self-directed positive change is a key component of the External Experiential Processing method.

Our Purpose

Through Jesus Christ, we want to help people to identify the changes they want to make and give them the knowledge and tools to understand themselves and the changes they are making. We want to give them the action tools that will enable them to make those changes. We want to help them create those changes in the most economical, efficient, and lasting way possible.

We are making our tools and help accessible to people of all socio-economic backgrounds. There are a number of ways to offer our services at different levels of membership. Some people may only need the website to help direct their change and to gain the knowledge they need through online self-directed courses while others may need the help of our community support specialists to guide them through their desired changes. Whatever your need may be, we hope to make our tools accessible to you.



At this time, we offer life coaching through individual, couple or group models. We also offer live webinars for anybody and live in-person seminars for local Southwest Missouri residents.



Online Classes:

We are developing our online classes that we hope to be offering by the end of the year 2023. We are developing a series of assessments and psychological tests that we hope to have available at the same time. These assessments are a combination of clinical tests that will aid you in identifying the changes that will best fit you, and pop psychology tests for your entertainment.


We are in the process of developing several series of meditations for you to use in creating a sense of peace and calm in your life. The first two series of meditations are the transformational meditations and world travel meditations. The transformational meditations were developed by Seth Atwater for several Autistic clients who were struggling using traditional meditations and needed something that would hold their attention throughout a 5-minute meditative period.

To accommodate these children, Seth created a meditation that took the children through a transformation from person to animal, allowing them to spend three to four minutes as an animal and then transform back into themselves. The meditation was so successful that several teachers asked for more of these meditations to use for their students in class. Since then, Seth and his daughter Genevieve have been working together to develop other transformational meditations. The world travel meditations were initially developed as Seth worked with refugees who were homesick. He developed his world travel meditations by talking with these clients and learning what they missed about their country. He worked this into a five-minute meditative period allowing the client to spend that time in their homeland. Once again, people loved these meditations so much that they were requested by others who wanted to experience other geographical and cultural ideas. Now Seth and Genevieve are working to develop a series of world travel meditations.


Seth Atwater developed “Compliments”, a parlor/card game designed to help families and communities learn ow to give and receive compliments in such a way as to create unity and peace. We are hoping to make this game available for purchase in the near future. Seth is currently working on other games that can be used for family fun while helping families come closer together through learning communication skills. 

We want to develop a series of computer games that would be available to assist in internalizing the knowledge and action tools we teach in our classes. These games would be available with the courses as they are developed, once we raise the necessary funding. We are very excited about this support to our tools and the entertainment it will offer while you are creating the positive, self-directed change in your life.


We hope to develop musical tracks to aid in your learning and help to motivate you in the change process. These tools are dependent on the funding, but we hope to have these tools available sometime between mid 2023 and 2024.

Family Fun Centers:

We are also excited about creating family-oriented fun in our communities. We are hoping to build a family fun center in Monett Missouri beginning with a miniature golf course. After we develop the family fun center in Monett, we hope to branch out to other communities needing family friendly entertainment. To build a family fun center near you, we need 1,000 patron members from your area.

Community Activities:

We are beginning our third Friday of the month date night in Monett Missouri, Our dinner theatre in Monett, and our online book club. We feel that these family friendly activities and entertainments can bring the community together creating unity and a sense of belonging to those who utilize these resources.