Hi, I’m Robyn coach and mentor for individuals, children, families and business professionals.  I believe with my whole heart helping others is my calling in life. I like to help figure out the hard stuff, the stuff that looks fairly straightforward on the outside, but actually feels like tug of war on the inside.  These things can be from fears, trust issues, feeling stuck in life or feelings of depression to just assisting with communication and relationship issues.  If you’re just wanting some guidance and direction, at the very least just to feel better about what’s happening, or understand why it’s happening, let’s talk!

        The idea is to help get you moving forward and create positive relations along with positive thought processes, my goal is to make your journey easier, yet hold you accountable to how you can be in control of where you go next.  Atwater Healing’s purpose, to help you identify the changes you want to make and to give you the knowledge and tools to understand yourself and the change you are making aligns perfectly with my passion to help you succeed.  Together we will give you the action tools that enable you to make those changes and to help you create these changes in the most economical, efficient and lasting way possible.

        As a parent are you noticing a shift in your child’s behavior, are they having a tough time at school or navigating life? We want our children to feel secure, loved, confident and safe- from all things, bullying, social media, societal standards, and life’s unfortunate circumstances. Unfortunately, the truth is events, people, and things affect our children in ways that matter to us but often getting them to open up and divulge any information to help them is challenging to say the least.  Sometimes even the most confident of children and teens still cannot find the words to express themselves. These feelings, emotions, and traumas live deep within our children and they want to release them but doing so can be difficult.  This is where I come in and work with your child as a mentor and coach and help them through this process at eye level.  We do this without the need to earn approval of others which gives them the ability to share and open up to someone who is working with them at their level. Your child will have the floor time to talk about their dreams, aspirations, fears and yes even those unfortunate events hiding inside.  These sessions adhere to a clear understanding that diagnosis is not the goal, the only issue is their well-being and with the pressure off and full parental love and support behind them, your child can release, let go, and soar!

        Personal Bio: I hold a Masters of Science in Child Psychology and Adolescent Development along with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Marketing. I am a parent to 3 wonderful adult children, currently have 3 beautiful grandbabies and have between 4-7 foster children at any given time. I owned a state licensed large preschool for 5 years, sat on the NAPSACC children’s board, and have been coaching a range of children’s sports since 2001, which allowed me to put my passion for children and families to great use mentoring and coaching them through life.

        In my spare time I rescue and rehabilitate animals with my children and we love spending time on any type of water.