Healing & Support for Individuals

Our Community Support Specialists are trained to help you through any concern you may face within the five domains of life: physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual.


  • Physical – Health and wellness, weight loss, exercise, hygiene, sleep etc.
  • Emotional – Anger management, sadness, discouragement, stress, grief and loss, and more.
  • Intellectual – Career counseling, education, life skills training, hobby development, and more.
  • Social – Relationship training, parenting, communication, dating, setting and keeping boundaries, interviewing, etc.
  • Spiritual – Crisis of faith, finding yourself in a troubled world, finding peace in Christ, self-worth, belonging, etc. 

Healing & Support for Couples & Families

We have been helping couples for nearly 2 decades. Our support staff use unique tools to become more aware of your marriage situation and then use our action tools to help you improve your marriage. They follow the EEP model developed by our founder Seth Atwater through his 15 years of practice and lifelong faith in Jesus Christ. Using literature (to include scripture), movies, music and other media formats our community support specialists will aid you in recovering, enhancing or preparing for your marriage. Some ways we have and can help are: 

  • Couples in crisis
  • Communication
  • Marriage and relationship enhancement
  • Pre marriage coaching
  • Parenting 
  • Trust
  • Intimacy
  • and more

If your needs are specific to your relationships within the family setting our Community Support Specialists are here to help you. They are trained to assist you to build strong and happy relationships centered in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Group Healing & Support

Our community support specialists facilitate group sessions allowing members to share, learn, set and achieve goals with other members who are struggling in their lives. Our groups are a safe place for members to share vulnerable aspects of their lives that they may not be able to talk through in any other setting. We are able to run any group where we see a need. We are currently running a number of groups:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Women’s Support Groups
learn more
  • Overcoming Pornography and Masturbation

Our community support staff are trained in the tools that will help your organization identify and implement desired changes. We teach tools that improve communication within your organization, improve organizational structure, help to establish appropriate boundaries, and improve morale through appropriate change management.

Executive & Business Support


In our executive and business community support we focus on communication, structure and boundaries using the Umbra-Gram and Change Management. As with all aspects of our community support we will use literature, music, movies and other media to aid in our work of helping to improve businesses and business models.

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