David Lasiter, BS ABM
CFO / Fall Guy

I have spent the majority of my work life in a few different technical fields. I have always enjoyed working with electronics, but when I went back to school in 2019 I found that I had a passion for finance and business. I have my Bachelor’s in Applied Business Management with a focus on Accounting. It has been a wonderful experience finding something new that I enjoy doing as my profession. My wife and I were married in the Spring of 2008 about a year after I returned from serving a 2 year mission in Poland…

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Seth Atwater, MAMFT
Owner / Founder / CEO

Seth received his master’s degree from Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Mo. This institution had a unique training program focused on getting students deep in the trenches of therapy as quickly as possible, graduating them with far more practical and hands-on knowledge than a traditional psychology graduate degree. Seth began studying clinical psychology, but near the end of his schooling switched to marriage and family therapy when it became obvious that the clinical…

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Seth Atwater JR.
WEBSITE/production manager

My name is also Seth Atwater, and as you can probably tell I am Seth’s eldest son. I am currently living at home, so we often drive to work together. I handle most of the IT stuff at work since it isn’t really my dad’s strong suit. I am really proud of the work he is doing, and I’m happy to be a part of it! Before I started working for my dad I served a 6 month service mission in our area, and then worked for several years as a caretaker for the physically and mentally disabled. Through these opportunities I…

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