My name is Sara Lasiter. I received my bachelor’s degree from BYU Idaho in Marriage and Family Counseling in 2021. I went back to school just before I had my fifth child, and I decided to pursue this degree because I wanted to learn how to improve my own family relations. As I studied, I realized that I love teaching and I wanted to help others learn the things that were blessing my family. I came to work with Seth for my internship in 2021, and as I learned the Awareness Tools, I saw how much they were helping me understand the things my classes were trying to teach me. I want to help others understand how being aware and intentional can help them make big changes in their lives. I have loved working in both a group setting, as well as with clients one-on-one.
My husband and I have six children, and my desire to be a better wife and mother has motivated me to continue my education. It has been very fulfilling to be able to see the improvements that have come to my own family through my work with Seth. We love spending time together as a family, especially going camping, playing video games, and playing board games together. Our whole family loves to read and working with Seth has helped me see how literature can be used to teach people how to overcome the trials they experience. I’m excited to continue working for Atwater Healing because of the opportunities I will have to serve and teach others.
Atwater Healing