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December Mental Health and Wellness Advent Calendar – Dec. 22

December 22nd: Give a Prayer of Thanksgiving Consider all the blessings you’ve received from God. Your blessings are coming in so many different ways and so many different domains. You’ve been blessed in your family, with your friends, in your religious observances, in nature, and so many other ways. Take some time to brainstorm and write down your blessings that you’ve received this year. Once you’re done with your list, take that list to God […]

December Mental Health and Wellness Advent Calendar – Dec. 14

December 14th: Ponder on Who Could Use Special Blessings Take some time to think about the people you know personally. First consider your family. Who in your family are currently struggling? What are the struggles they face? What friends do you know who have particular needs? What are those needs? Who in your community is in need right now? What community groups could use blessings from heaven? What about your state, country or people around […]

December Mental Health and Wellness Advent Calendar

December is here and the Christmas season is upon us. For many of us this is a time for joy and rejoicing as we ponder the meaning of Christmas and as we visit with friends and family. For others this can be a challenging time where bad memories are brought back to the forefront of their minds or when loneliness is heightened due to the lack of friends or family support. Others may be overwhelmed […]