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December Mental Health and Wellness Advent Calendar – Dec. 14

December 14th: Ponder on Who Could Use Special Blessings Take some time to think about the people you know personally. First consider your family. Who in your family are currently struggling? What are the struggles they face? What friends do you know who have particular needs? What are those needs? Who in your community is in need right now? What community groups could use blessings from heaven? What about your state, country or people around […]

December Mental Health and Wellness Advent Calendar – Dec. 13

December 13th: Make a Needed Contact Who have you been meaning to call or contact but just haven’t gotten around to it? Identify that person and reach out to them. Phone, text or through social media contact that person you’ve been meaning to call. It might be somebody you’ve felt impressed to call but just keep putting it off or it might be a family member that you know you should be talking to but […]