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December Mental Health and Wellness Advent Calendar – Dec. 17

December 17th: Call A Friend Today, call a friend who you just really enjoy talking to. Take some time to visit with your best friends either on the phone or visiting in person. Jesus Christ spent some time visiting at the home of Martha, Mary and Lazarus. He spent time visiting with his apostles and other friends. You become a better and a stronger servant in your service when you take care of yourself and […]

December Mental Health and Wellness Advent Calendar – Dec. 14

December 14th: Ponder on Who Could Use Special Blessings Take some time to think about the people you know personally. First consider your family. Who in your family are currently struggling? What are the struggles they face? What friends do you know who have particular needs? What are those needs? Who in your community is in need right now? What community groups could use blessings from heaven? What about your state, country or people around […]