Help make the world a better place by contributing to our clients!

Your additional contribution beyond the $100 VIP membership goes to helping clients who otherwise can’t afford our service to be able to meet with those same specialists, all without Medicare and the government having to get involved.

Atwater Healing VIP Gold members are a part of our membership program, so if you choose to sign up for a client membership you will receive all the same benefits as a VIP member (see become a patron), as well as the opportunity to meet in person with one of our Community Support Specialists (CSS) to evaluate your life and help you make the positive change you are looking for.

If you are needing help resolving conflicts in your marriage; struggling with depression, anxiety, etc.; or just feel like your life lacks fulfillment or direction; we can help you to make and follow through on personal goals that will allow you to change for the better using professional mental health tools developed over the last several decades by our founder and CEO, Seth Atwater (MAMFT).