Our classes are reserved for patron members of Atwater Healing. All classes are available to any member at the Basic level or higher. Our classes are designed to pair with our online groups. For each class their is an associated group with two facilitators. Group membership requires the Standard Patron Membership or higher.

Classes that are currently available on the patron content

Anger Management

We all feel angry from time to time. Even Jesus Christ felt angry when his fathers house (the Temple) was being used for buying and selling goods. What most people haven’t mastered is thier response to the feelings they experience. 

In our 24 week anger management class we will teach you how to recognize your anger, your internal and external triggers to anger, and how to appropriately respond to your feelings. We will help you take responsability for your own feelings and accountability for your actions; past, present and future. 

We will teach you the process to removing negative and harmful responses and replacing them with positive and healthy responses to negative emotional experiences. We will teach you to channel negative emotional energy and use it to benefit yourself and those you interact with. 

We look forward to working with you through this journey and to helping you find peace in Jesus Christ even when the world around you is in conflict and turmoil.


What does it mean to be a parent? What is your own parenting philosophy and what are the techniques you’ve practiced to help you fit within that philosophy? What is the goal you have for your children? How can you help them reach those goals?

These are all questions we will help you answer in our parenting classes. We will begin by helping you understand who you are as a parent and to define your philosophy, goals, and to define what it means to be successful as a parent. 

We will help you to better understand your children from a general and individual basis. We will teach you about motivations and other internal and external influences on your children’s behavior.  

We will give you some general behavioral tools you can use with your chilren as a starting point to building trust and cooperation. 

We look forward to sharing the knowledge and expereiences we have gained over the past several decades of our professional work.

Health and Wellness

Once upon a time there lived a prince who struggled with his weight. No matter what he did he seemed to continue to gain weight and this led to feeling inadequite and ugly. He was sure none of the local princesses would be interested in somebody who was unable to manage his own weight. 

In a nearby land there lived a pricess who was just average. She couldn’t see anythig special in herself and knew that none of the nearby princes would show the least interest in her. She was saddened by her experience and found it difficult to get out of bed some days. She simply couldn’t think of any reason to get up and bed was easier than trying to go about throughout the day doing all the things that were expected of her. 

Atwater Healing moved in next door between these two lands and invited the prince and princess to come learn about health and wellness and how to overcome the obsticles they faced. They learned about the 5 different life domains and how they related to each other and to their overall health. They learned about the 4 levels of motivation and how to use each level to improve their energy and desire. They learned how to define their heath success and they learned about their own self worth whether healthy or not. 

You too can learn these same tools and gain the motivation and understanding of true health and wellness through the Atwater Healing Health and Wellness Groups and Classes. 

Watch for these classes comming soon to our patron content.

Healthy Relationships

We will be teaching about how to build and maintain healthy relathionships in marriage, parenting, family, friends and with colleagues. 

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