Couple and Family Support

We offer community support services for a wide range of concerns in couples and marriages. We have worked with couples through sexual intimacy problems, infidelity, communication, conflict resolution, recovery from addiction, etc.

Supporting Couples in Crisis

We work with couples who are in crisis. Some couples have come to us and said, in the first visit, that they were getting divorced and were only coming to see us because they promised a family member they would talk with somebody first. Many of those couples have worked with us for a time and have left our office newly dedicated to each other and with a renewed desire for an eternal marriage and family. The tools we teach and the assignments we give are focused to help couples learn how to be more Christlike in marriage and family relationships. We frequently use literature and music to help couples understand themselves and each other better and to learn how to empathize with and show charity for each other.

Strengthening Your Marriage

Many couples are not dealing with marriage ending problems, but are struggling with minor issues, or even just want to improve and strengthen their relationships. Our awareness tools are uniquely able to help couples understand themselves and their spouse. One of the most important tools is the “5 Levels of Consciousness” which helps us gain personal awareness of ourselves as well as understanding of our spouse. Our community support specialists are all trained in this tool, as well as other tools, that can help strengthen your marriage by bringing you both closer to the Savior, Jesus Christ, and to each other through a greater understanding of Him, yourself and your spouse. 


We have helped couples who are struggling with knowing how to parent children or in coming to an agreement about how best to parent their children. Parenting in this world where our children are faced with so many temptations, fads, and worldly philosophies can be difficult. This is especially true when we are trying to decide how much agency to give our children in making their own choices. Also, many couples are coming from diverse backgrounds where their upbringing emphasized different parenting styles and coming to a unified parenting plan can be difficult. We have the tools that can aid you in understanding good parenting philosophies and how to implement those in a unified and understanding way.  


No matter how good or bad your marriage is today, everyone can improve their communication skills. We teach communication using many of our own tools developed by Seth Atwater. We also use many tools learned from others. Conflict resolution is one of the primary areas of communication that many people lack knowledge of. Come work with our support staff to learn appropriate conflict resolution and to gain the tools needed to resolve issues that arise in your marriage. Learn how to read the love that your spouse is sharing with you while you also learn how to show your spouse love in the way that they will understand. Often times, when a couple comes to our office, we work as translators between the couple. Allow us to help you learn how to communicate without the need of an outside translator or mediator.  

Pre-Marriage Support

We have a series of assessments and tools that will help you and your future spouse understand each other more deeply. Our community support staff will send you off to a rewarding marriage filled with joy and unification. Using our assessments and awareness tools, we will teach you how to prepare for a happy and lively marriage. Our use of literature and music will help you visualize your future and plan how to continue the courtship that brought you together. Success and happiness in marriage is not a matter of chance. It requires understanding and hard work. If you don’t have the knowledge and tools your marriage can unravel and break apart. We can teach you that knowledge and how to use the appropriate tools to keep your marriage lasting for eternity.