Support specialists

Sara Lasiter, BS MFC

Marriage and Family Specialist / Life Coach

My name is Sara Lasiter. I received my bachelor’s degree from BYU Idaho in Marriage and Family Counseling in 2021. I went back to school just before I had my fifth child, and I decided to pursue this degree because I wanted to learn how to improve my own family relations. As I studied, I realized that I love teaching and I wanted to help others learn the things that were blessing my family. I came to work with Seth for my internship in 2021, and as I learned the Awareness Tools, I saw how much they were helping me…

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Robyn Chrysler, M.S.C.A.P

Life / Business Coach

Hi, I’m Robyn coach and mentor for individuals, children, families and business professionals.  I believe with my whole heart helping others is my calling in life. I like to help figure out the hard stuff, the stuff that looks fairly straightforward on the outside, but actually feels like tug of war on the inside.  These things can be from fears, trust issues, feeling stuck in life or feelings of depression to just assisting with communication and relationship issues.  If you’re just wanting some…

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Anne Brian 

Life / Relationship Coach

Who am I?

Clinical and Coaching Director

Seth Atwater, MAMFT
Owner / Founder / CEO

Seth received his master’s degree from Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Mo. This institution had a unique training program focused on getting students deep in the trenches of therapy as quickly as possible, graduating them with far more practical and hands-on knowledge than a traditional psychology graduate degree. Seth began studying clinical psychology, but near the end of his schooling switched to marriage and family therapy when it became obvious that the clinical…

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