Executive & Business Support

Our community support staff are trained in the tools that will help your organization identify and implement desired changes. We teach tools that improve communication within your organization, improve organizational structure and help to establish appropriate boundaries , and improve morale through appropriate change management. 


Communication can set the tone of your work environment, determine whether or not you make an important sale, and create a company image that carries on in your community for years. Teaching your leadership how to lead and communicate in such a way as to empower those they encounter could make or break your company. Our support staff are trained to work with you to create the right communication, improve all aspects of your business and help you create the best environment, leading to better working conditions, improved sales and great public relations.

The Umbra-Gram

The Umbra-Gram is a tool developed by our founder, Seth Atwater, to better identify the role of each person in the company. It was originally developed to help entrepreneurs with small businesses to help them keep their different responsibilities under the right system, but was soon found to be helpful even for the largest corporations. The Umbra-Gram establishes the chain of command and appropriate communication patterns to ensure internal morale and positive external relations. It helps to establish efficiency in internal communications and protects both the company’s clientele and public image. 

Change Management

Change is difficult, even for a single person. When you add the complexity of an entire organization with each of the individuals changing, it can seem insurmountable. How do you make changes within your organization and still maintain the morale of your employees and volunteers? Using tools such as; “The Change Wheel”, “The 4 Levels of Motivation” and “The 5 Levels of Consciousness”, our community support staff can help you make the desired changes for your organization while maintaining and Improving morale.